The impact of investment and political risks on economic growth in Algeria during the period 1984-2016

  • Abdallah Hadjoudj University of Mascara
  • Faouzi Tchiko University of Mascara
Keywords: Economic growth, private investment, foreign direct investment, political risk, Algeria


This study aims to discover the impact of private public and foreign direct investment on economic growth in Algeria, using variables to regulate the model represented in corruption, internal and external conflict, and this using annual data from 1984 to 2016, by applying the Auto-Regressive Distributed Lagmodel (ARDL).The study found that private investment, foreign direct investment and external conflict have a positive effect on economic growth in the long and short term and a negative impact of internal conflict on economic growth in the long term. The results also show there is room to return to the equilibrium situation, estimated at 16%.


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