The Impact of Information and Communications Technology on Innovative Teaching - Teachers’ Perspective

  • Maria Bey Boumezrag ENS Laghouat
  • Abdelalim Taouti Amar Telidji University
Keywords: Communication, Information, Innovation, Teaching, Technology


Since the turn of the millennium, individuals have become ceaselessly dependent on new technologies. In both teachers’ and learners’ lives, the use of Information and Communications technology has become decisive; teachers endeavour to enhance their way of teaching through the adoption of novel ways of teaching and the introduction of a large amount of fun, such aspects are present in the virtual world of technology. In fact, this study aims to investigate the impact of ICTs on innovative teaching. This is to say that making use of ICTs in the academic setting would certainly accentuate teachers’ performance, and thus a positive students’ response. The research was designed at Teachers’ Higher College-ENS Laghouat, among thirty teachers of Arabic, French and English language, involving a questionnaire of twenty-five questions. The study revealed a significant impact of Information and Communications technology on innovative teaching.


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