Impact of ISO: 17020 for Quality Assurance System in Construction Sector

  • Vikas Patel National Council for Cement &Building Materials, Ballabgarh
  • Brijesh Singh National Council for Cement &Building Materials, Ballabgarh
  • P N Ojha National Council for Cement &Building Materials, Ballabgarh
  • Pandu Ranga Rao National Council for Cement & Building Materials, Ballabgarh
  • Amit Sagar National Council for Cement &Building Materials, Ballabgarh
Keywords: Quality System, Quality Grading, Construction Industry, ISO: 17020


The objective of the paper is to analyze the various factors and loop holes that have a significant impact on effectiveness of quality and quality assurance system and to suggest recommendations to increase the quality performance of the construction projects. The paper also highlights the difference in Quality Assurance system of projects wherein ISO: 17020 is not implemented and the project wherein it is implemented.  In the current paper, National Council for Cement and Building Materials, India monitored 30 construction projects were selected with a construction cost between five to thirty Crores covering 15 project with ISO:17020 procedures and 15 project without ISO:17020 procedures. The data was collected from these projects on various quality and management related aspects. These projects cover structures such as school buildings, community hall, hostel block, convention centers etc. The study was conducted for construction projects of different government bodies. This analysis has been mainly done covering the factors playing key role in quality of a structure during construction such as client’s commitment towards quality, quality of material, documentation, work practices, personnel etc. Based on the data analysis, quality assurance system for these projects were categorized as Excellent, Good, Average and Poor in Quality Grading based on the various factors that directly or indirectly affects the quality and smooth functioning of project during and post construction. The difference in implementation of quality system with and without ISO: 17020 is highlighted in the paper.


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Patel, V., Singh, B., Ojha, P. N., Ranga Rao, P., & Sagar, A. (2021). Impact of ISO: 17020 for Quality Assurance System in Construction Sector. Journal of Building Materials and Structures, 8(2), 168-178.
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