New Ideas for Helping Postgraduate Students

  • Alkhani Rima Abdulilah New University of Life


The research aims to find out the secrets of the well-known problem, which is the disappearance of creators in our reality, and their transformation into earning work without continuing in the world of research and creativity, both scientific and literary, and to identify the internal and external conditions, whether through educational institutions, or after educational, which is at the heart of student problems, and do we have New ideas that help them from the beginning of the search for the idea of ​​research to their intellectual renaissance, and to avoid losing creative elements that do not find someone to take care of them. And the recommendations that we have seen, and this does not excuse the researchers from completing the idea for its ability to search again. And then we must search with what we have finally found exits for notes, and the research has taken the applied analytical approach, to be able to apply the ideas contained in it that need to be activated