The implications of sport's political employment

  • nadia Benouargla University of Djelfa
Keywords: Politics, sports, political decisions, political employment.


The gravity of the relationship between politics and sport and the seriousness and depth of the issue has led many researchers to address it academically. Sports news on its face is artistic, statistical, documentation, material and regional, and its circumstances, invisibility and purposes are often closely related to political affairs. This equation applies to most nations and nations, but it varies sharply and to a degree depending on systems. Dictatorships and fascists seem, according to some readings, more inclined to fence the sports field, "canning it" and monopolizing it with structure, organization, framework, direction and investment. As in recent years, the phenomenon of political and financial employment of sport has escalated, The biggest evidence is football, especially the extent to which it affects Arab and international political decisions and the examples and facts in which politics overlaps with sport so many that sports followers have to be a political analyst to be able to understand and follow what is going on in the stadiums. And when enthusiasm for sect or political creed is at sports games A committed spectator loses the joy of the competition between athletes. The technical achievements of the opposing team can only be seen as mistakes made by the team that he wants to win even if it is not worthy of it. Through this paper, we will try to determine the impact of the policy on the sport that the latter occupies a great place in the lives of peoples in all its categories and races, which is the opium of young people in Arab countries more specifically.


1.الرياضة و العلاقات الدولية :أداة للتقارب أم للصراع ؟ نشر المقال 15 يونيو 2018
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2. التوظيف السياسي و المالي للرياضة..أزمات سياسية بالجملة..و منظمات و اتحادات قارية و دولية نحت الطلب ، المقال لمنية العبادي ، نشر بتاريخ 19 يونيو 2019 و يمكن متابعة المقال على الرابط التالي .
4.باحث زائر بمركز الدراسات الإستراتيجية التابع لرئاسة جمهورية أذربيجان .