Tunisian-US relations (1956-2011)

  • Mustansiriya University الجامعة المستنصرية
Keywords: Tunisian relations, American



And if the Tunisian-American relations date back more than two centuries، then they became more durable directly due to the independence of Tunisia، which chose to engage in the so-called "free world" and the western camp، which the United States represents one of its poles. These relations witnessed a remarkable development that was only hampered by the

 aggression on Hammam Al-Shatt in 1985 by threatening President Habib Bourguiba to cut diplomatic ties with the United States if it exercised its veto power before the decision to condemn the Zionist entity. Likewise، the relations between the two friendly countries did not witness a change in terms of nature، durability، and areas of cooperation during the Ben Ali era، who declared his alignment with the Bush administration in its war on terror after the September 11th attack to justify his policies until the revolution that brought down his regime. And the Tunisian people، it cannot be. Forget the historical moment when members of Congress during the reign of former President Barack Obama applauded a tribute to the 2011 revolution of freedom and dignity


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