Etude par CASINO de l’effet d’un faisceau d’électrons sur les polymères

  • Abdelkrim BENARROUDJ Laboratory Physico-Chemistry of Materials, Laghouat University, Laghouat, Algeria
  • Aicha KHACHA Laboratory Physico-Chemistry of Materials, Laghouat University, Laghouat, Algeria
  • Souad HABIB Laboratory Physico-Chemistry of Materials, Laghouat University, Laghouat, Algeria
  • Abdelhalim ZOUKEL Technical Platform of Physico-Chemical Analysis (PTAPC-Laghouat-CRAPC), Laghouat, Algeria


Since their discovery, polymers have increasingly replaced other materials (metal, glass, wood, etc.) because of their low cost and their relatively easy shaping. In order to study the stability of a polymer to electron beam irradiation, we chose to use a famous method for the study of electron-matter interaction that is known as Monte Carlo simulation by the CASINO program, and we applied it to evaluate the damage performed. The results of the simulation allowed us to define the electron-polymer interaction volume and the depth profile of the electrons as a function of their initial energy (5 keV), which allowed us to assess the volume susceptible to damage by the electrons. We were also able to determine the minimum grain sizes of the charges to be added as a function of the incident energy (1, 3, 5, 10, 20 keV) to improve the stability of the polymer.


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