Combinational abilities exercises and their effect on the performance of some basic motor skills in handball « JSBM U17 class players »

  • Tawfiq Gagaa University of Bouira
Keywords: Coordination Exercises,, Basic motor skills, Handbal.


       the researcher tried to take advantage of harmonic exercises as an educational - training method in acquiring some skills in a ball for young sports players of the municipality of Meskiana of a smaller class, and the study aimed to know the effect of harmonic abilities on some basic skills in a ball The hand of U17 players, to achieve this, the study was conducted on an intentional sample of 20 U17 players, and the researcher used the experimental method. In addition to statistical methods; the results showed that the proposed exercises for the harmonic abilities that the experimental group was exposed to had an effective effect on developing the motor capabilities; the researcher recommends the need to pay attention to the development and acquisition of harmonic abilities.


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