Gender a sociocultural approach

  • Aissa YOUNSI University of djelfa ( Algeria)
  • Nassima TELLI University of biskra (Algeria)
Keywords: gender, woman, men, role, devlopment


Gender and gender are of the utmost importance in bringing about change and development, which are expected to lead to better living conditions for all and all areas of life. It is a relatively cultural concept because it varies from time to time and from society to society. The issue of women was one of the variables in the Algerian social fabric after a series of crises that had a direct and indirect impact on the family and on women, particularly on cultural and social factors, as well as the lack of education and training of women and their low level of education. This paper deals with the gender approach from the concept of the importance of studying this concept. On the other hand, the development approach is one of the most important approaches that dealt with women's issues in addition to the developmental role of women.


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YOUNSI, A., & TELLI, N. (2020). Gender a sociocultural approach. Social Sciences Journal, 13(2Add2), 81-93.