The Journal of Science and Knowledge Horizons The faculty of Islamic Sciences College of Humanities, Islamic Sciences and Civilization. University of Laghouat Algeria   EISSN: 2830-8379  - ISSN:2800-1273

  • Frequency: 2 issues per year- June - December

The Journal of Science and Knowledge Horizons is an academic journal that publishes original articles in a wide range of fields, including the field of human, social and cultural studies, serving the scientific heritage, as well as encouraging academic studies, comparative studies and working to achieve human and social dialogue, as well encouraging research in the fields of science other.
The Journal of Science and Knowledge Horizons is a peer-reviewed, double-blind journal open to all authors, regardless of their methodology or intellectual background.
JSKP is published twice a year (June and December) in three languages Arabic, English and French.
the journal of Science and Knowledge Horizons has been a member of Crossref.org since 2021, so each article has its own unique DOI number.
The Journal of Science and Knowledge Horizons has been granted national accreditation from the Directorate of Scientific Research and Technological Development (DGRST)

The journal focuses on investigating principles and practices in humanistic, linguistic and Islamic studies. It has a broad scope in the following areas: :

1.Art and Art History
2.Classical Studies
4.History & Philosophy of Science
5.Human Geography and Urban Studies
6.Interdisciplinary research in the Humanities
8.Library and Information Science
11.Political Sciences and International Relations
13.Religious Studies and Theology

14.Arts (Arts, History of Arts, Performing Arts, Music)
15.History and Archaeology
16.Languages and Literature
18.Media and Communications
Other Humanities
19.Philosophy, Ethics and Religion
20.Political Science
22.Social and Economic Geography


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