Call for papers

The editorial board of the journal of science and knowledge Horizon is pleased to receive your article v4 issue1 june 2024 according to the following:

-The period for receiving articles is limited, except for articles from outside the country.

The treatment period is one month or more during which the following is done:

The topics must be of scientific quality and contribute effectively to scientific research, noting that the article in the foreign language has priority in publication since the journal is in foreign databases.

The researcher must ensure that the research is good, has a valuable idea, and is acceptable for publication.

-Commitment to the journal’s specialties.

- Check the quotation percentage does not exceed 20%.

- Certified Arabic, English and French linguistic proofreading.

For the French-English language major, the topic of the article is related to this link:

We do not accept research translated using programs or applications. The translation must be academic by a specialist.

- The complete journal template and the researcher’s ORCID template includes all the researcher’s information

Failure to meet any of these conditions will automatically reject the article

-The arbitration period is from one to two months

Reply with correction

Include references in English

Send the pledge via email

Publish the article online

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