publishing fees

Publication fees in the journal are free

the Journal (jskp) is a modern journal published by Ammar Teliji University affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education.
All articles published in jskp Journal are immediately opened and accessed under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license and are free to access, download, and share without a subscription. jskp journal charges no fees for submission, manuscript processing and peer review, editing, publishing, and archiving.
jskp journal allows publishers to make the full text of each published article freely available to all interested readers. In addition, authors who publish in an open-access journal retain copyright in their work, which is released under a "Creative Commons Attribution License (BY-NC - 4.0)" enabling the use, sharing, copying, distribution and transmission of the work in any medium or form as well as modification and Mixing, transforming, and adding to work.
It should be noted that authors can request one of the following services for their paper peer review services:
A: Regular Open Access Publication Service: To regularly review and process peers according to the publication queue from when a paper is submitted.
B: Rapid Publishing Service: To facilitate quick turnaround when a quick decision is needed for authors, jskp Journal offers a fast-track review service that shortens the waiting time for approval.