Dynamic Analysis of Ancient Masonry Walls with Improved Bonding Materials

  • غادة العسراوي
Keywords: lime mortar. ;... glass fiber.. ; masonry. cyclic loads ; ....


The wide spread of masonry buildings throughout the ages, and their inappropriate suitability for seismic loads, led to the occurrence of different cracks to the extent of partial or complete collapse.

In order to deal with these cracks, the cement mortar was used in the restoration of old masonry structures. And the revival of its use after realizing the impact on the heritage of these archaeological sites, and the disadvantages of cement mortar on stone through the local dameges between the stone interfaces , in addition to. An analytical study was carried out using finite elements methods of masonry walls where the author tested the analytical model by comparing its results with the results of research [1]. A parametric study was conducted, as well as a study of a heritage building, the Farokhshahi Gate, in order to study the effectiveness of techniques for strengthening lime mortar in improving the behavior of stone walls under the influence of cyclic loads.The study showed a clear improvement in seismic behavior and the ductility of the improved  mortar.



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