The role of stimulus policies in advancing investment in Algeria

  • عائشة قصير
Keywords: Policies - motivation investment wheel - Algeria



Algeria’s policy creates an investment climate and environment represented in granting multiple facilities, advantages and guarantees to attract investments to it to participate in the development process and also benefit from the opportunities for the transfer of production elements from work and capital and the transfer of technology and production skills... which allows for lower production costs and improve the quality and diversification of products, and  Also removing all administrative, customs and tax restrictions and commercial and financial transactions.  To address this issue, we ask several questions that can explain and give a comprehensive view of the subject as follows: Do stimulus policies have a role in advancing investment in Algeria? To address the subject of the research, we will rely on the methods used in skilled scientific research, as we will rely on the descriptive and analytical method, such as the concept of investment, its types and magazines and its importance in economic development, as well as the analysis and description of the development of investments in Algeria and developing countries.  Through this study, we try to reach a set of objectives represented in encouraging local and foreign capital to flow into the Algerian market, by creating a good investment climate that provides reassurance to the investor and secures his risks, especially that the flow of funds from abroad in the form of foreign currencies plays a key role in reducing  Foreign borrowing rates, thus easing the burden on the balance of payments.  The need to provide more political incentives because what is currently offered is still high with what is prevalent at the global level.


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