The role of religious awareness among university students in tackling the culture of extremism

  • شهاب أحمد سلمان
Keywords: awareness;students ، Treatment; extremism


The term awareness brings into mind the idea of focusing on science and culture in various aspects of life. The introduction of the application of knowledge in its various methods and divisions, perhaps the most prominent of which is related to religious and ideological aspects. The researchers on this topic have found their potential between the corridors of universities and scientific edifices for its great influence . The exaggeration of preparing souls and turning minds to go ahead to the right guidance based on evidence and moderate arguments from the view point of university students that are considered as the most mature mind to axes of noble faith. In this basis the research named religious awareness among university students and its impact on addressing the culture of extremism is adopted. The plan is divided into two requirements preceded by an introduction to the topic. These requirements are : first the stages of religious awareness that is made by two axes: 1- awareness development, 2-implementation. Second: outreach methods within university which are four 1- episodes, seminars and workshops 2- posters, posters paintings and plays 3- organizing outreach visits 4- written and visual advertisements . Then the conclusion that came with the most important results of the research


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