Curriculum question in hermeneutics

  • علي العمراني
Keywords: Hermeneutics ;method ;hermeneutic circle; religious text; sacredness; interpretation



This article deals, as indicated by its title, one of the major issues faced by hermeneutics in its history, which is the issue of method, either directly; As it is shown with the philosophers who tried to search for a scientific and objective method that can be relied on to catch the hidden meaning behind what was said within the texts and what was expressed either as a statement or an allusion. Or in an indirect, revolutionary way that attempts to examine the efficacy of the method in issues of interpretation, indicating its futility and futility. If the method has proven its effectiveness when dealing with the phenomena that the true sciences deal with, then transferring it to the field of meaning and intent poses several problems. From it, we will try to shed light on the problem of the method in hermeneutic philosophical thought, trying to examine the extent of its


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