storytelling : an effective method to teach english language for young learners

  • Hanan Abufares Elkhimry
Keywords: storytelling; Classroom action; Young learners


This study examines how the storytelling method was used to teach English to young learners in grade three of an elementary school in Tripoli, the capital city of Libya. Two cycles of the study's classroom action research were conducted. Data were gathered through observations in the classroom and conversations with the teachers and pupils. A descriptive analysis method was used to examine the data. According to the research, students tend to learn English with greater enthusiasm when stories are delivered to them. This suggests that telling stories may be considered a cutting-edge teaching strategy. The majority of them report that they comprehend the lesson more clearly and quickly pick up new language. Due to this wonderful chance, the pupils take pleasure in their academic work. According to the teacher, using the storytelling technique makes the lessons more engaging and enjoyable since the pupils are participating. However, given that teachers are still unable to create stories and use them in a way that is consistent with the curriculum, when putting the strategy into reality, the teachers had several issues.


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