Jurisprudence and fundamentalism and its impact on doctrinal issues - The Arabized standard as a model –

  • Mohamed Boukara Mohamed Boukara


The idea of this article revolves around the importance of the fundamentalist tradition in the rooting of doctrinal issues, and I took the book The Arab Standard of Ahmed bin Yahya Al-Wansharisi as a model for that, because it contained a huge amount of doctrinal issues related to issues of faith and its contradictions, names and attributes, and an explanation of the origins of a number of innovated sects and false bees, In this article, I mentioned a number of fundamentalist rules affecting the doctrinal issues, and showed the connection between these rules and the doctrinal issues mentioned in the answers of the Maliki jurists, citing the legal texts from the Book and the Sunnah of the Prophet, and the sayings of the scholars.

     The research concluded that fundamentalist rules have a prominent role in rooting doctrinal issues through understanding doctrinal problems, responses to innovated sects, controlling issues of atonement, its conditions and prohibitions, and other important matters that help in controlling doctrinal jurisprudence..


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