About the Journal

Aims & Scope

Dirassat Journal Economic Issue (DJEI) (ISSN: 2676-2013. E-ISSN: 2676-2080) is an open access, peer-reviewed Bi-Annual journal publishing theoretical and empirical research papers covering the major aspects of management, accounting, economics, management information systems, Commerce, Marketing, HRM and financeAll articles to Dirassat Journal Economic Issue posted online immediately as they are ready for publication.

DJEI is published by the Faculty of Economics, Commercial and Management Sciences, University of Laghouat, Algeria. The journal's emphasis is on theoretical developments and their implementation, empirical, applied, and policy-oriented research. The journal's purpose is to improve communications between, and within, the academic and other research communities, policymakers and operational decision makers. DJEI fills a unique niche among business publications of its type by publishing articles that strike a balance between the practical and the academic fields, recognizing the intricate relationships between many areas of business activities. DJEI is represented by a diverse and international Editorial Board comprising of individuals from reputable institutions.

Publishing Policy

(DJEI) has not article submission and processing charges, In the same line DJEI invites authors to submit: - empirical papers analyzing specific questions using qualitative or quantitative techniques - conceptual papers developing propositions and outlining further research In all above cases, DJEI encourages quality papers by reseresearchers. DJEI’s this quest for quality is reflected in the structure of journal’s editorial board as well as the strong network of reviewers, which allows the peer review process to be rigorous and constructive, helping to advance research work. DJEI publishes original scientific works of researchers in all of the above fields in any of the following languages: Arabic, English, or French.