Aims & Scope

The aim of the Dirassat Journal Economic Issue is to provide an international forum for discussion of advancements in all areas of Economics & management studies. The Journal publishes high-quality research articles in a global context pertaining to various business & economic disciplines:







Operations Management,

Human Resources Management.

The Journal particularly welcomes articles dealing with global issues and practical experiences, including empirical studies, case research, developments in emerging technologies, strategy, innovation, and current areas of academic and practitioner research.


Free Submission

  • No Submission Fees: Authors can submit their manuscripts without any charges. There are no fees at any stage of the submission process, making it accessible to researchers from all economic backgrounds.

No Article Processing Charges (APCs)

  • No Processing Fees: We do not charge any fees for the peer review, editing, and publication of accepted manuscripts. This ensures that there are no financial barriers to publishing high-quality research.