Author's Guide

Author's Guide

Submission of Articles:  Authors who wish to publish their articles in the “Dirassat Journal Economic Issue” are invited to read the sections: "Instructions for authors" and "Guide to authors" of our website on the Algerian scientific journals platform: 

 Authors are invited to submit their papers via the ASJP platform in Word format. You can do this by clicking on the Send Article icon to the left of the screen in the ASJP Platform link: 

 If the authors have a username / password for the “Dirassat  Journal Economic Issue”: 

 Go to the connection 

 Do you need a username / password? 

 Go to registration 

Note: Registration and access are required to submit articles online and to check the status of articles 

Guidelines for Author: 

- We Invite authors to read and follow up these recommendations carefully; 

- The Editor-in-Chief is has the right to return the research papers that have not been submitted in accordance with these recommendations.

Evaluation of the Article: 

1. First step:  Before proceeding to the first step, every author (even if he-she is a corresponding author or a co-author) will receive a notification through his (her) Email which confirms the success of the submission, and a Link that he-she has to confirm through it the contribution  in editing the manuscript, if the author doesn’t confirm that, the editor in chief will refuse the manuscript automatically, and won’t proceed to the next step, which is: Examine the article secretly at the level of the reading committee of the Journal, which meets regularly and intervenes in the pre-evaluation stage. The committee takes a decision to qualify the articles before sending them to the assistant editors. If the decision is negative, the article will be rejected on the platform and informed the author the reason for the rejection. The author can resubmit it taking into account the recommendations made;

2. Second step: In the event that the article is eligible for the evaluation (prepared according to the journal template and under the terms of publication), it will be sent in an Encrypted state to the Specialist Associate Editor, who in turn will submit it to two reviewers on its network. The reviewers will be responsible for judging the paper according to a standardized evaluation form available on the ASJP platform.  

Note: The Associated Editor can also evaluate the article if he desired. The secretary of Journal provides the link between the authors of the articles and the Associated Editorials. 

Period of Evaluation of Articles: A Maximum of 30-day evaluation period is provided.

Status of Articles Evaluation: When the draft article receives a positive opinion and another negative, a third assessment is requested from another reviewer, taking into account its origin, nationally or internationally. 

Preparation of the Article: To speed up the publication of articles in the “Dirassat Journal Economic Issue”, we invite authors to use the Journal template. A template for authors is available in the “instructions for author” section to insert their articles. Authors can download the template from the “Instructions for author” section, where they can access this by visiting: 

 Then click “Instructions for author “on the left side of the screen. 

 See the Author's Manual File: By clicking on the "Author's Guide" icon, a zip file is uploaded. This is a guide to the author of the article explaining the process of sending the article. It also includes the copyright of the Journal and includes a letter of undertaking to which the author of the article explains that the intellectual property belongs to the Journal only

Send the article After preparing the article according to the template of the Journal that was downloaded,   and see the author's guide, the “Send Article” icon is clicked. An application form containing the various data for the article and authors appears: Language of the article, Paper title, Abstract, Keywords, Full name for author, Institution, Email, (A second author can be added), Proposal of reviewers. After filling out all the data and uploading the article file on the platform, clicked the "Send Article" icon at the bottom of the information form. 

Notification of Receipt of an Article If the article submission process is successful on the platform, a message appears on the screen showing that. At a certain stage, the author will receive in his email a notice of the submission of an article, and a notice to the second author in his email as a confirmation of participation in the article. 

Notice of Rejection of the Article: If it turns out that the article does not respect the template of the Journal and the conditions of publication. The author will be notified that the article has been rejected. 

Follow-Up of the Position of the Article on the Platform (ASJP): The author can enter his account in the platform and follow the status of his article stage by stage by clicking on the icon: "Articles" and then clicking on the icon: "Sent Articles" will show a table that details the article from: Address; Date of Article submission; Journal Name; Details; The latter goes through several stages: 

Stage 1: Accepting or rejecting arbitration; 

Stage 2: A pending article;

Stage 3: Send the article to the reviewers; 

Stage 4: The decision of the reviewers to accept the article or rejected or request for modification.  

Plagiarism Policy: Scientific theft, in all its forms, constitutes immoral behavior for the Journal. No breach of this rule is accepted. No other article will be accepted for the author who has been impersonated by our review.