Economic and social development with reference to the Algerian experience

  • Ali Hamidouche University of Medea
Keywords: Economic Development, Social development, Algerian Experience


It is an overwhelming fact that every attempt at development does not notice the vital importance of the social dimension as a goal and a means, often leading to a multiplication that aggravates degrees of severity cumulatively and dysfunctionally. Its implantation and application to be a comprehensive and renewable methodological guide, in harmony with the pace of rapid change in the relationship between the elements of social development, economic development and even environmental.

This intervention examines both economic and social development and the nature of the relationship between them as it indicates on both sides of economic and social development after presenting the various concepts to define the requirements and goals of economic and social development, then we study the mechanisms of reconciliation between them, and in the end we address the applied aspects of economic and social development in Algeria, through an analysis Some features of economic development in Algeria by relying on some of its indicators, and also the achievements made in the social fields by relying on some socio-economic indicators.


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