Strategic Leadership Practices in hotels, An applied study of Algerian hotels group

  • Adel Boumedjane University of Biskra
  • Djouhara Aqeti University of Biskra
Keywords: strategic leadership, human capital, leadership balanced control, strategic intent


The Current Study aimed to evaluate the Strategic Leadership Practices prevailing in Algerian hotels, where four practices of the researcher Hitt& all, (2001).  The questionnaire was used as a tool to gather the primary data from a simple random sample of 343 employees of Algerian hotels from 15 hotels in 8 states in North, South, East and West Algeria, and the interviews were used to explaining the results. The results of the study confirmed that both leadership practices associated with human capital, leadership practices associated with organizational culture, and leadership practices associated with balanced control were high, while leadership practices associated with future strategic intent were medium. Also There were statistically significant differences in strategic leadership practices due to gender and age. The explanations and recommendations were also proposed.


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