The Role of Monetary Policy Mechanisms in Controlling Inflation Rates in Algeria: A Standard Study for the Period [1990-2018]

  • salaheddine dada University of Algeria 3
  • Mohammed Karim bouihi University of Algeria 3
Keywords: inflation, interst rates, money sepply


This essay aims at spotting light on the issue of monetary expression  and what are the most important techniques used from the Algerian power of money for the sake of controlling the average of the high levels of expansion in order to save the value of coin and also the individual's worth through the projection of both ( the price of profits regarding the goods also the average of re-deduction regarding the average of expansion)  on the tests of the models of the period between(1990-2018). Regarding that these are the tools of politics' monetary in order to confront the expansions. We choose theses elements because they have the ability to change i. e. Their effects on economic will appear in a short-term period. For instance, the increase in the prices of suggested profits will make a huge groups of people diversify their money for financing investment projects. This study find out that the independent changes affect hugely the average of expansion in Algeria in both short-term and long-term periods.


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