Universities’ Governance to Reduce Students’ Violence Phenomenon ‎Against Teachers from a Professors’ Point of View ‎ ‎“Case Study: Professors of Economics Faculties in Algerian University‎‏”‏

  • MANAA ‎ Sabrina University of Khenchela‎
  • NASSILI ‎ Djahida University of Boumerdes
  • KADDECHE Soumia‎ University of Ouargla
Keywords: Student Violence, Teaching Staff, University Governance, Educational Security, an Algerian ‎university


This study aims to highlight and confirm the role of university governance in establishing security and curbing the phenomenon of students' violence against the teaching staff from the viewpoint of professors of faculties of economics in the Algerian university as a study community During the third trio of 2020. The descriptive analytical approach and the case study method are adopted where a random probability sample. The electronic questionnaire according to Likert's five-point scale was also used as a data collection instrument and the SPSS program is used for data analysis. The study reaches many results which are: The presence of a high level of student violence against teachers, with its many manifestations and causes, the absence of good governance, there is a weak inversely correlation between violence and governance.


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