Organizational Obstacles of Employee Innovation: A case study on Olympic complex Mohamed Boudiaf

  • Mezghiche Imane University of Algiers 3. Algeria
  • Mohamed Bouras University of Algiers 3. Algeria
  • Mohamed Larbi Hadji University of Algiers 3. Algeria
Keywords: Innovation, organizational obstacles, Sport Organization


    Innovation is considered one of the requirements for every organization, but fulfilling such requirement may not be available at all conditions due to the lack of suitable environment for the development and innovation process. Thus, the idea of this study emerged and represented in studying the organizational obstacles of employee innovation at the Olympic complex Mohamed boudiaf, through exploring whether or not there are obstacles for the leadership, benefits, work rules and procedures, central communication and information, empowerment, available financial and human capabilities, work stress, absence of team work, relations within the job location, existence of relations between such obstacles and the personal characteristics of employees


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