The impact quality of work life on organization citizenship behavior of workers in the paramedical of field at Mouhamed sadik ben yahia hospital- jijel

  • Messaoud Harikeche Jijel University
  • Mokhtar hadid Jijel University
Keywords: Quality of life, Quality of work life, organizational Citizenship Behavior


This study aims at tasting the impact quality of work life on organization citizenship behavior of workers in the paramedical  of field at Mouhamed  sadik ben yahia hospital- jijel, this study is considered as a quantitative one since it depends on resolution which is delivered to 170 person following the Purposive Sample, in order to obtain data that is treated  through  the statistical package of social sciences, we have found that there is a medium practice of quality of work life and organization citizenship behavior. Further more, there is a positive influence of quality of work life on organization citizenship behavior and this due to positive effect of empowerment and human relations.  So, in the light of the result that the study has reached, we have presented explanations and suggestion.


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